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    North Salem Youth Lacrosse

    North Salem Youth Lacrosse Club is designed for development!  We agree with USA Lacrosse and follow 5 rules for development ... We expect EFFORT,  we provide OPPORTUNITY,  we teach with PROGRESSION,  we allow for CREATIVITY which we believe will ultimately lead to equal amounts of SUCCESS & CHALLENGES



    Boys Lacrosse Equipment Needs
    North Salem Youth Lacrosse Team Store

    Team Store

    Always looking for equipment for NSYLC!

    Our used equipment drive in the spring was a great success but we are still taking gear if you want to donate!  The used equipment will be collected and distributed to players in grades K-6. This will help give new players the opportunity to try this sport without the cost burden of new equipment.

     Any of the following items would be accepted and appreciated.

    Boys: Gloves; Shoulder Pads; Arm protection; Helmets; Sticks; pinnies

    Girls: Goggles; Sticks; pinnies

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    U.S. Lacrosse

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    North Salem Youth Lacrosse  
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